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Airsoft Timing System

    • Wireless connection,long range communication

    • High Precision,free from sound interference

    • Intuitive,light on the target face will change after hit 

    • Light design,and long standby time,supporting 72 hours workin

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M4P1 Airsoft Timing System contains a wireless shot timer and a stop plate, which is specially developed for timing of action air shooting sports. The shot timer transmits data to the wirelessly connected stop target after it is hit by the shooter..
M4P1 is not only a timing system, but also an intelligent electronic target system. Because one timer can connect to many stop targets and will record shots data from each stop targets connected.
Application: APSC, other airsoft shooting training and competition, and shooters individual shooting practice.
2. Product Features
2.1 High Precision
The stop target will send hits data to shot timer simultaneously once it is shot by shooters, which is different from the sound pressure induction of firearm shot timer. This makes the timing free from sound interference, more precisely.

2.2 Intuitive
When the stop plate is hit, the target face color will change. If the target face color does not change, which means it is not hit by the bullets, and the timer will continue timing. So the design of changing color is very intuitive for the shooters,ROs and spectators  to know if it is shot or not.
2.3 Removable
Built in rechargeable battery, long duration, convenient to carry about. So it is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. 
2.4 Wireless connection within 100M.
Shot timer and stop plate is connected wirelessly, indoor for 50meters, outdoor for 100meters. Making the shooting stage be built in a very short time.
3.1 Special Pie APSC airsoft timing system was used in all 32 scenarios in the competition of IPSC Action Air Championship in 2018 in Hong Kong.

3.2 M1A2 was used in 2018 IPSC Leve 3 Competiton in Taiwan(Taipei)

3.3 2019 IPSC level 3 Competition in HongKong(All use wireless APSC airsoft timing system, with large LED screen)
3.4 2019 TPSC level 3 competition in Taiwan(All use wireless APSC airsoft timing system)

3.5 2020 CPSA IPSC Action Air Competition
3.6 M4P1 Airsoft Timing System becomes the designated timing system in AAWS SOCHI 2022 (Short for 2022 IPSC ACTION AIR
4. Cautions
4.1 Please confirm that the antenna of the stop plate has been connected before use
4.2 If the channel number of the stop plate is changed by mistake, please reconnect as following steps:
4.2.1 Turn on the stop target and observe the flashing situation of the two lights on target base. 
4.2.2 The flashing number represents the channel number (the flashing number of the blue light represents the single digit of the channel number, the flashing number of the orange light represents the ten digit of the channel number, and the default number of the hundred is 4.The channel number range is 410-441.)
4.3 Set the timer channel to the same as the stop target channel, and restart the timer after returning to the home page. Then the system will get connected automatically.
4.4 Please note that the stop target surface needs to be inserted into the bottom of the target drone and tightened by screw driver.