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System Introduction

The interactive projection archery system adopts network and computer image recognition technique to realize projection target, auto-scoring, cloud storage users training records and scores to help users improve training effect by reading the training records.

Moreover, it uses mobile phone to realize online pay and social function to rank and launch a challenge by web forums to raise users training enthusiasm and persistence. All the functions above can’t be realized in traditional archery.

Besides, this system can develop different application according to different operation mode to meet different market needs. So, it has released recreational archery software for tourism and amusement park. And it has professional IIA archery system for archery hobbyist.

System Characteristics

  • E-Training Records, Reading Score at Real Time

  • Scene Archery

  • Global Ranking

  • Archery Training Mode, Targeted Training in Different Level

  • Combined with internet community culture to improve users communication

System Composition

1.The whole system consists of ultra-short focus LED projector, high configuration PC, High speed signal tracker, special keyboard and archery software, bow and arrows.

2.Users can buy ticket in the APP or wechat

3.It will tell you the scores of every arrow you shoot and calculate the total scores to tell you if you can go to next pass after the software is running.

4.You can set how many arrows needed to be shoot within a certain time by using the IIA archery system’s training target.

System Software Training Level

There are 13 levels in the whole system, the first 12 levels are from easier to difficult, from accurate shooting to speed shooting to practical shooting) , the last level is for examination level.(Now the standard software only has 6 levels)

Archery Software in Tourism