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Precision Shooting Training System

    The system is used for precision shooting training in distance of 10M to 200M, consisting of a laser training pistol, different types of photoelectric precision targets, target reporting terminal and a shooting data analysis software.

    The whole system supports wireless communication, and the farthest communication distance can be up to 200 meters.

    With the help of high-precision photoelectric target and analysis software, target reporting terminal can achieve 0.01 ring high-precision real-time target reporting and the system simultaneously displays the bullet holes and aiming trajectory.

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Wide adaptability: various shooting simulators, for both precision and rapid response shooting training

Expandability: different types of target types available

Safe and efficient: No ammunition, no damage, no risk and efficient

High precision: automatic scoring, target ring sensing can be accurate to 0.01 ring

Easy to maintain: light design, wireless connection