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Short Circuit Target System

    The Short Circuit Target system is a complete interactive training system, designed for live-fire shooting. It consists of short circuit target, tri-proof tablet PC, armor plates and tripod.

    The STS target system provides shooters with instant feedback of hit locations after the bullet penetrates the target. And the results will be displayed on the software of the tablet PC simultaneously.

    There are different kinds of target types, which support customized design.

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System features

Various target types with 5 targeting areas (supports customized targets).

Wireless communication in long distance, up to 1KM (open).

Low cost of consumptions, 1 paper target can be fired about 300 rounds.

Ultra-lightweight hardware design, portable to carry and fast deployment.

Long battery life, it can work continuously for 48 hours after fully charged.

Easy to use, inexpensive to maintain.