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Laser shooting training tube

Pubdate:2019-09-16 09:09     Click:172070

Auto Reaction Laser Training Tube(Built-in)

Product Description

Laser shooting training is one of the best assistant training for military&police and shooting enthusiasts. The traditional laser simulator needs to modify the firearms itself a lot. Special Pie's infrared laser training tube can realize laser simulator function without modifications of firearms or other training items.

It can be applied to most 9mm caliber firearms.

The infrared laser training tube can be used to calibrate firearms, accurate shooting and quick reaction shooting training. Specially for double linkage pistol, it can do continuous shooting simulation.


Product Feature

① No need to refit firearms, more convenient to use

② Respond to a hammer striking, shooting simulation is more realistic. (Most simulators are trigger-contact switches)


③ Built-in lithium battery, long standby time


④ Can be used with other relative products (L17 laser shooting training system and Laser Intelligent Target)


⑤ Support different caliber, multiple firearms

9MM Laser inner tube, suitable for most of 9mm pistol


Product Function

The laser tube completes the shooting simulation through corresponding hammer action to power on laser. The Double linkage pistol can fire consecutively. It can work within 3-100 meters and be compatible with a variety of relative laser devices.


Technical Parameters