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Military And Police Ar Auxiliary Shooting Training System

    The military and police Ar auxiliary shooting training system is a professional laser shooting auxiliary training system that provides different levels of military and police tactical shooting training subjects.

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Military And Police Ar Auxiliary Shooting Training System


System Overview
The military and police Ar auxiliary shooting training system is a professional laser shooting auxiliary training system that provides different levels of military and police tactical shooting training subjects.
The APP combines different laser simulation devices, mobile AR app and various identifiable target types (printed on A4 paper) to form an interactive laser simulation shooting training system.
The APP offers different training subjects and scenes, supporting different training target types, easy to set up, which allow users to use it in different places. The laser shooter APP will regularly publish paid and free stages of varying difficulty, to gradually improve the trainer’s shooting skills.
The APP will comprehensively analyzes the user's shooting training data and provides reference data. The APP can provide a world ranking for shooters based on the shooting scores.
System Composition and Architecture
(1) Shooting Simulator
                     L17 Laser Shooting Simulator           92 Laser Tube                     9mm Laser Tube
(2) Shooting Ar App
(3) Online Data Management Analysis System

System Features
(1) Safety
All shooting equipment adopts laser simulation, and the operation of the equipment is the same as that of real firearms. The sound, vibration and target feedback in the shooting environment are all realized electronically, which will not cause physical harm to the trainer
(2) Quickly Improve Shooting Skills
The simulator operation simulates the real firearms operation as much as possible. The trigger force, secondary fire, ammunition, and ballistic simulation are exactly the same as the real one. Training can be free from space, time, and policy constraints, to achieve unlimited ammunition training. And scientifically quantify the data of the key subjects in shooting, you can quickly find the different levels of different trainers, targeted training, and quickly improve the training effect
(3) All Digital and Intelligent
The system realizes full digital management, including trainer management, training subject generation, training task editing, training data feedback and analysis and other modules. Real-time reflection of the current training status of all trainers and their training level, real-time analysis and ranking of trainers' rankings of different subjects, improving training fun and enthusiasm. The training task module can have instructors to quickly edit and produce different training training subjects, and the system has strong opening and development capabilities.
(4) Personalized Training Tasks
The management software has more data analysis and feedback, allowing coaches to customize the training subjects of different trainers, implement more efficient teaching in accordance with their aptitude, and realize intelligent automation throughout the process.
1. Application Store
  • Tencent store
  • Xiaomi app store
  • Huawei app store
  • Baidu store
  • Oppo store
  • 360 app store
2. APP Instructions
2.1  Desktop shortcut
After the APP was downloaded, press the shortcut to run app.
2.2 Log in
2.2.1  Wechat login
Select WeChat login, directly associate user image and name of wechat log in the app

2.2.2 Account login
You should register an account first if you want to Login with account. After that, you can log in with the account. The app only needs login once, when entering the app again, there is no need to log in again.

2.3  Laser simulator selection page
2.3.1 Choose the laser simulator and enter.

2.3.2 When install and use the APP for the first time, select the laser device to enter the training scene, and a help video will appear.
2.4 Scene selection page
2.4.1 wipe the scene page to refresh the training scene.

2.4.2  Enter the shooting stage
After purchasing the scene, press the scene photo to enter shooting .

2.4.3 Select the scene
Press the introduction area and you can view the world ranking of this scene, your own ranking in this scene, and your own historical data analysis.

2.5 World Rank 
You can view the ranking of the shooter who shoot the stage and your own ranking.

2.6 Data analysis
You can view the historical data and graphical analysis of shooting in this stage.

2.7 Setting
2.7.1  Press setting-- Free target sheet download
2.7.2  Press setting-- More target sheet download
2.7.3  Press setting-- System description
2.7.4  Press setting-- Simulator Setting, then enter the Laser simulator selection page that mentioned in 2.3 .
2.7.5  Press setting-- Help, and it will play help video that mentioned in 2.3.2
2.7.6  Press Setting-- Personal Center, you can change your personal information such as nickname and avatar.
2.7.7  Press Setting-- Clear Cache, back to the login page.

3. After-Sale Service
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