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Special Pie becomes the sponsor of the Asturias Rifle Shooting Competition in Spain

Pubdate:2022-09-07 18:20     Click:981

The 2022 air rifle shooting competition sponsored by Special Pie will be held in Asturias, Spain from September 25th to 26th.
Special Pie as a professional manufacturer of shooting timing system, will provide Shot Timers(M1A2-F) which are required to record the results of this competition, blessing the wonderful performance of all shooters, and wishing the competition held successfully.
Special Pie is committed to manufacturing and selling high-quality shot timers and shooting target systems, offering technical support for many domestic and foreign shooting competitions.
Besides, Special Pie Shot Timer has high-sensitivity performance, which can accurately capture the sound of air guns and rifles, which won a variety of approval and favorable comments from the customers at home and abroad.