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The Best Photos/Videos Selection of M1A2 Timer is Ukraine

Pubdate:2021-04-07 16:53     Click:208641

Recently our authorized distributor in Ukraine has held an event that taking photos or videos with Special Pie M1A2 shot timer.

This event attracted a lot shooters to take part in. Shooters take photos and videos when using M1A2 shot timer and the sponsor will choose the top 3 in photos and videos. The winner will get a M1A2 shot timer for free.

Below are some photos that taken by shooters.


Nowadays, there are a great many shooters and ROS around the world choosing M1A2 shot timer as their drill mate and competition timer. Especially in Europe, where we have a number of retailers and distributors.


We will be constantly working hard to provide better shooting training products for shooters,ROs and military&police with better quality and rich functions.
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