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Interactive Module

    • Low-cost solution to transfer normal projector to be interactive
    • Lightest and smallest size
    • Multi-writing (Max 64 persons can write at the same time)
    • The size can be customized to adapt to any projector
    • Compatible with Windows OS, and Android OS.

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Andriod/Windows Interactive Module
Interactive Module with design of light weight applies to modifying of various long, short and ultra-short focus projectors, to let projectors have interactive whiteboard functions. This product utilizes the technology that high-speed IR camera lens tracking moving objects, realizes human-computer interactive function. It adopts HID interface design, compatible with USB 1.1, 2.0,3.0; Using newer, high efficient video compression algorithm to realize that image can be transmitted with high FPS in conditions of low bandwidth, improved product adaptability under various light interference.


1. The technology principle
A. The principle of photoelectric positioning technology is adopted, which can be used together with normal projector to transfer any projector surface into interactive  whiteboard.

B. The interactive module is equivalent to the infrared high-speed tracker, and the electronic pen or pointer emits 850nm infrared light. The interactive module is responsible for receiving the signals emitted by the electronic pen and pointer in the projection range.

C. Infrared filter helps portable whiteboard filter other stray light and only receives 850nm infrared light, which makes positioning more accurate and writing faster.

D. CameraTouch/Interactive Projector Server: the Server is the communication tool between the portable whiteboard and the computer. Without the Server, the Interactive module cannot be identified by the computer/Projector.

E. E-Note: multi-point writing program, can be in any operating system to achieve multi-person writing function (only Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Win10 system)

F. System compatibility: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Linux(some version of Ubuntu, only Server support, e-note does not support), Android system (e-note writing software does not support)

G. Positioning function: click 4 (25) red cross to enable the interactive module to accurately catch the running track of the electronic pen and pointer.(there is no need for the user to reposition , because it has been set before delivery;Unless the customer finds the difference between the click red cross of the electronic pen and the cursor is more than 1-2cm, it needs to be repositioned.


2. Main categories: Long-focus Module, Short-focus Module, Ultra short-focus Module
Long-focus interactive module for long-focus projector (4 positioning points)
Short-focus interactive module for short-focus projectors (25 positioning points)
Ultra short -focus interactive module for ultra short throw projector (25 positioning points)

3.Suitable for any projector


Signal Receiver
Realization Principle Super-speed infrared track to locate
Port type USB1.1. or USB 2.0
Consumption current <=160mA
Voltage 5V (USB power)
Available wave length to receive signal 808-940nm
Max USB transmission distance <=20M USB signal amplifier)
Image dimension 800*600
Interpolation 1600*1200
Transmission FPS 65~70 frame/sec
Positioning accuracy 4096*4096
Mouse Kbps 65-70Ponit/s
Right-hand button Fixed dot>800ms
Device driver HID standard device, support PNP
Max available infrared dots to track                            128
Receiving distance >=0.4m <=1.7m
Receiving size Refer to Appendix B
Operating Area
Long-focus Module IM-100
Projection Application Size (Diagonal)        Distance between Receiver and projection (mm)
60 inch                                                  1600mm
80 inch                                                  1970mm
100 inch                                                  2380mm
120 inch                                                  3500mm
150 inch                                                  3720mm
Short-focus Module IM-200
60 inch                                                   710mm
80 inch                                                   1050mm
100 inch                                                  1400mm
120 inch                                                  1780mm
150 inch                    1950mm
Ultra-short focus Module IM-300
60 inch                                                    400mm
80 inch                                                    620mm
100 inch                                                    780mm
120 inch                                                    840mm
150 inch       1000mm
Movement Detection Technology                           LED light
Power requirement                                        3V CR 123A x1
Pen Body Dimension                                      13.2cm(length); 2cm(diameter)
Weight                                   60g(with battery)
LED size                                                    5mm
Battery                                                                                                   Built-in Li Battery
Pen Length                                                 17cm
Weight                                                 35g
Trigger methods                                            <1g for pressing
Button Power Switch and Laser Pointer Switch
Power Supply Chargable.
Movement Detection Technology                          LED light
Control Buttons                                 1 button (left and right click of a mouse)
Power Requirement                                       3V CR 123A x1
Weight                                                     90g
Length                                                     52cm