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3D Stage Design Kit

    1:20 Scale IPSC Stage Design Kit

    Stage design made easy!

    Complete Kit of Walls, Fault Bars, IPSC Targets, Barrels, and More!

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Model: PIE-SM

Color:Black /White

For Age: Over 14 years old

Place of Origin: China mainland


1. Easy to carry

2. No dead ends, several shooters can study and discuss simultaneously, a   universal sand table for practical shooting.

3. Full scale simulation, restore the real shooting stages to the greatest extent.

4. All parts are separated and combined, simple operation.

5. Fullcoverageofpracticalshootingprojects,suchasIPSC/IDPA/3GUN/military police practical shooting.

6. Fullcoverageoflarge, medium and small shooting stages such as pre-match and post-match analysis/RO Examination/Event Stages Design/ Stages Interpretation of Safety Shooter Training.

Packing List:

purse net 12

Net base 24

IPSC target 15

IDPA target 15

Target base 15

Target sticker 2

Special target 3

Safety line 8

Safety line connector 10

Tables and chairs 1

Stop target 1

Popup target 4

Gate 1

Tires 4