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Tactical Shooting Earmuff

    No time difference,High fidelity,Wide sound range and Low power consumption
    Audio Monitor function:captures the sound in the environment through a high-sensitivity monitoring microphone
    LINE-IN function:3.5mm audio cable toconnect the earphone and playback device to enter the LINE-IN working state

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How to wear:

1. Pay attention to distinguish the left and right earmuff (the audio monitor microphone facing forward), and use both hands to pull apart the earmuff on both sides with appropriate strength;

2. The headband of it is placed on the top of the head, and the two ears are completely placed in the cover of earmuff;

3. Adjust the length of the headband until it is comfortable to wear!


Audio Monitor function:


This product captures the sound in the environment through a high-sensitivity monitoring microphone, and it is restored by the speaker in the earphone after processed. It has the performance of no time difference, high fidelity, wide sound range and low power consumption!



After wearing the earphones correctly, turn the "monitor switch and volume adjustment knob"

with a clockwise rotation, then the earphone will be powered on after a click, and continue to turn the knob to adjust the monitoring volume from small to large.Turn the "monitor switch and volume adjustment knob" by a counterclockwise rotation to adjust the monitor volume from high to low. After a click, the earmuff will power off and shut down.

Introduction to threshold value function of monitor:

The monitor function of this earphone incorporates a threshold value of automatic cut-off function

forhearing protection. After the monitoring function is turned on, the threshold value function will

be activated and the monitoring sound is automatically cut off if the ambient sound is greater

than or equal to 82db;when the ambient sound is less than 82db, the threshold value function

will be turned off and monitoringfunction is restored.

LINE-IN function


Use the 3.5mm audio cable to connect the earphone and your playback device to enter the LINE-IN working state.


(Automatically detect that the cable is plugged in and start working, you should unplug the

cable after use to prevent the battery from running out)


1. Headphones cannot adjust the volume of LINE-IN;





Use the included USB charging cable to charge for your earphone.

The red charging indicator means charging;

The green charging indicator means fully charged.


Please use a 5V 1A USB charger for charging;

Fully charge the battery if it won’t be used for a long time.




1. This product and accessories should be kept away from children to avoid injury;  

2. There are batteries and flammable materials in this product. Don't put it near the fire or put it in a high temperature environment to avoid explosion or fire; 

3. Non-professionals, please do not disassemble and repair!






Storage temperature




Storage temperature




Operating temperature


Battery life

30 hours

Working humidity


Charging time

3.5 hours