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Firearm Shot Timing Display System Package

Pubdate:2022-01-05 15:40     Click:519

The Firearm Shot Timing Display System is a professional equipment used to record and display the shooting performance of the shooter. It consists of a firearm shot timer and a high-brightness LED display.



This system is suitable for shooting training and competition in indoor as well as outdoor shooting ranges. It can not only accurately record the time of each shot and total shooting time of the shooter, but also synchronizes all the real-time data from the timer to a large LED display screen, which helps to improve the shooting level of the shooter during training.
In the process of the matches, the scores are displayed on the big screen, allowing range officers to record and spectators to see the shooting results of the shooter more intuitively.


The timer included in the system (model: M1A2-FW) is independently developed by Special Pie Technology. It supports Bluetooth transmission of timing data to the PractiScore APP and wireless connection to the LED display, which is the latest and most powerful firearm shooting timer around the world so far.


The wireless LED display uses a 4.5-inch large font and a high-brightness LED lattice screen. Even if it is used outdoors under strong light, it can still be seen clearly;It supports direct and USB power supply, so that it can be used in a variety of complex indoor and outdoor environment, without the need to pull a long power line, and it can also avoid potential safety hazards. 

At present, this outdoor mobile shooting timing system has become the first choice for military and police shooting training at home and abroad, but also widely used in civilian firearm shooting ranges. Please feel free to contact us if you have any related requirements for the equipment.