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L17 Laser pistol successfully obtained U.S. patent application

Pubdate:2021-11-19 18:20     Click:800

The selection of this U.S. patent award lasted for more than 12 months. After a series of procedures such as strict formal review and expert review, an award-winning project for our L17 laser pistol was finally selected. 
At the same time, the company's continuous efforts to strengthen patent and technological innovation have been further enhanced in recent years.
The L17 laser pistol fully simulates the operation of real handguns, including the functions of electric recoil, electronic magazine, last round hold open, trigger wall and loading&reloading.

L17 Laser pistol successfully obtained U.S. patent application(图2)


Besides, the size of it can meet the requirement of regular holster, which not only improves the safety and efficiency of shooting training, but also saves the training cost and time for our customers.
What’s more,  as we are a leading company in developing intelligent shooting training equipment over 10 years, what we can do is much more than that .We can also provide you a complete shooting training system in addition to laser pistoll.


L17 Laser pistol successfully obtained U.S. patent application(图3)

This F22 projection only needs a remote control to turn on all function, which is launched to improve the shooting skills of military&police and professional shooters, including hardware and software.
The shooting software contains 24 shooting scenes including outdoor and indoor. And it has various target types, such as steel targets, paper targets and human-shaped targets to full fill different training needs.


L17 Laser pistol successfully obtained U.S. patent application(图4)

In this way, an indoor shooting range enable our customers to have efficient shooting experiences even at home. 
Should this item be of interest to you, we are so welcome you to be one of our agents in local market.