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CPR“A must-have skill that everyone should master”

Pubdate:2021-06-16 18:21     Click:274960

Recently, the famous Danish football player Christian Eriksen fell to the ground in a sudden cardiac arrest during the game. After 13 minutes of emergency rescue, he successfully escaped from danger. This can be said to be a "speed of life and death" rescue of global concern.
Meanwhile, this makes everyone realize the importance of CPR and think about whether they have this skill? How to learn this skill?
Special Pie launched the intelligent CPR training simulator, which can help users to train themselves effectively. It use electronic simulation technology to realize compression, insufflation, and real-time feedback data in accordance with the cardiopulmonary resuscitation treatment specifications, so that the trainer can quickly and correctly master the cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

More people master CPR, more lives may be saved.